Nightlife in Cadiz Spain

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There are many bars and clubs that make up the nightlife in Cadiz. There is enough in the old part of the city and the new to make going out in Cadiz an enjoyable and fun experience.

During the summer most of the nightlife in Cadiz, also known as "fiestas", happens on the beach. It is commonplace to spend a few hours on the sand before going out to the bars and clubs.

"Chiringuitos" or beach bars begin to pop up all along the Cadiz coast at the beginning of the summer. Typically constructed out of wood these are fantastic places to chill out. Care for a drink whilst sunbathing on the beach? Simply meander over to the beach bar and order yourself a cold beer or cocktail. If you plan to stay at the beach all day then you'll see some excellent sunsets too.

A night that stands out as the beach party of the year is the Night of the Barbecues. On this night masses of people descend onto Victoria beach, in the new part, with barbecues and beers ready to enjoy a night on the beach. It also coincides with the annual Carranza trophy which is a football tournament organised by the local football team, Cadiz F.C. This usually takes place in mid-August.

If the beach is not your thing then you'll find many good bars within easy walking distance in the centre of Cadiz. Within "las plazas" or the squares there's always a lively, social atmosphere where the bars spill out into the streets. The culture here is to enjoy the food and drink together so expect most bars to offer pleasant side dishes. In the new part of Cadiz head to a street called "Munoz Arenilla". This street contains most the bars and clubs found in the new part and is always a hub of activity.

You can stay outside till the early hours before heading off to "La Punta" - the nightclub strip. Beyond the old part of the centre you will find here a handful of nightclubs. The clubs have improved and now offer a more eclectic mix of music and can cater for most club-goers. Here is where the nightlife in Cadiz has it's final say.


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  • 610 11 03 89

    Avda. Marqués de Comillas, s/n

  • El Cafe de Levante is a special bar within Cadiz, one which has lasted the test of time. With a warm ambience, Cafe de Levnate provides a relaxed afternoon with a tea, mojito or irish coffee, whatever...

    +34 956 220227

    Calle Rosario

  • +34 856 178 163

    Calle Brasil, 12

  • 662 352 389 / 658 53 27 29

    Paseo Marítimo 5, 11010 Cádiz

  • 660222717

    Calle Gral. Muñoz Arenillas, n°7, 11010 Cádiz

  • 856 174 503

    Cristobal Colón 1 (con Avenida Ramón De Carranza), 11005

  • Hidden in a cul-de-sac in the famous Popula neighbourhood, is Bar La Gata Lupe, which although fairly small in size, is always full of life!

    Barrio del Pópulo

  • La Azotea Coffee Shop is located in the Popula neighbourhood, and is the longest running coffee shop in Cadiz. With a lovely terrace to enjoy your drinks in, you are well protected from any wind. Teas,...

    Posadilla,2 11005 Cádiz

  • Quality live music. Another legend of Cadiz, an authentic and varied lineup.

    +34 607 865 801

    Calle José del Toro,20

  • 626619904

    Calle del Rosario, 5-27, 11004 Cádiz, España

  • The Medussa Pub is without doubt one of the most original pubs in Cadiz. Situated in the historic centre, in one of the streets off the Plaza Espana Square, its easy to get to by bus, bike, foot or car....

    Manuel Rancés con Beato Diego,10

  • The pay-pay is one of the most historic bars in Cadiz. In recent years it has welcomed a more varied lineup of artists. Located in the Popula zone of Cadiz, the oldest in the city.

    +34 956 25 25 43


  • The hub of La Viña?s Carnaval fun, and with almost every inch of wall covered in colourful flamenco, bullfighting and Carnaval memorabilia, Casa Manteca is inevitably one of the barrio?s liveliest and...

    956 21 36 03

    Calle Corralón de los Carros 66

  • La Canela Pub is a true cultural experience, sitauetd in a magical enclave, next to the Baluarte de la Candelaria, opposite the Carmen church, and with a terrace that looks out to the seafront.There is...

    Avda Marqués de Comillas s/n

  • Punta de San Felipe

  • Punta San Felipe

  • This tavern in you can taste wines unique to the region, there is no other kind of drink. On offer are manzanillas at different stages: thin, smelly, old and fine amontillada as well as different kinds...

    956 285 401

    c/ Feduchy, 19

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